The purchase of tickets can only be done from your mobile with the VERSE APP and the process is quick and easy:
1. Choose the date you want to attend and click on "BUY NOW"
2. The VERSE event will open
3. If you are not yet a VERSE user, follow the steps indicated to:
download the APP, register as a new user and buy your tickets.
4. If you are already a VERSE user, buy your tickets directly
5. To access the venue, present, with your MOBILE PHONE, the proof of payment in your VERSE account

If you buy your ticket and you are a new VERSE user, we will give you € 1 that you can use to pay for your drinks at the venue. We hope you enjoy your visit to PALO MARKET FEST
Pellaires 30 / Barcelona
3 Julio 2021
Sábado 3 julio de 14h a 24h
5,00 €
Pellaires 30 / Barcelona
4 Julio 2021
Domingo 4 julio de 14h a 24h
5,00 €